Packaging Design

At Bani design, we’re eager to challenge what’s expected, and bold enough to conjure up something new. With our Packaging Design solutions, we’ll be with you every step of the way to design a package for easy shelving, identifying and shopping.

  • Choosing the best packaging for your product

  • Designing packaging for your brand

  • 3D presentation for your packaging


We Design Best Packaging For Your Brand

Packaging of the world is vast, dynamic and a very creative medium. It can be a simple box, it can be a poly bag, mailer bag or it can be a tube. Product boxes fulfill many roles like identification, protection, marketing and transportation. So with these many roles to fill, you can see how quickly and easily the topic gets complicated. 

But what makes good packaging design?

1. Clarity and simplicity

2. Honesty

3. Authenticity

4. Shelf impact

5. Extensibility

6. Practicality

Packaging is the last message a consumer sees and a last chance to convince them to buy the product. Clarity, honesty, authenticity and other rules described above play an important rule in this process but are by no means the final word on the subject.